It’s time to start thinking about Christmas 2017 – The Asda Christmas Savings Card

I can’t believe we’re in the middle of February already – ringing in the New Year felt like just yesterday. I’ve got a theory, the older I get, the quicker time goes, which means Christmas 2017 is going to be here in a blink of an eye.

I’m still kind of dealing with the fall-out of Christmas 2016, and feeling very poor – and was thinking about ways to make sure I’m not in the same situation next year. So something I know loads of people love doing are those supermarket savings cards – so I took a look as the Asda Christmas Savings Card to see what it’s like.

asda christmas savings card

Asda is BY FAR the best supermarket for Christmas presents. I can’t get over how cheap their wooden toys are (they have princess castles, dolls houses, pirate ship, wooden prams etc) that are such good quality and incredibly cheap. Asda toys stand toe to toe with posh ones like you see in Harrods. Also, I think it has the best clothes of any supermarket – and they go up to decent sizes (especially the lingerie which is incredible).

asda christmas savings card
Here’s a perfect example of its wooden toys. This dolls house is currently £35! Like, just £35 – and its not on sale or anything. Seriously, something that beautiful and of that quality in the posher shops I’ve seen in London would be hundreds of pounds.

What is the Asda Savings Christmas Card?

It’s really simple (and anyone can do it). It’s a savings card, that when you’re at the till at Asda, you throw some spare money you have on it (like £1 every time you shop, or £10 if you’re feeling flush – whatever you have).

Then on top of the money you have saved, you get bonuses on top – which on November 13th to spend on anything at Asda, in time for Christmas.

This allows you to save up, slowly – because frankly, Christmas is expensive. The hope is, if you put away a quid or so every time you shopped at Asda, you wouldn’t really notice it – but will be super glad you did when it got to December.

You don’t have to spend the money at Christmas either, or have to spend it all at once. Any unused balance stays on your card until you use it (however, once you have made a transaction on your card, you have two years to use the rest of it). You could also theoretically spend your money in July too, but you would lose the bonus if you didn’t wait till November.

asda christmas savings card
I also think Asda has some of the most affordable, luxury Christmas food out there

What bonuses you can get:

  • Save £144 – bonus is £6
  • Save £97 – bonus is £3
  • Save up to £49 – bonus is £1

Now don’t worry, you don’t have to have started this in January (it takes me a few weeks to warm up and get my head together in the New Year!) – so can start anytime. Of course, the sooner you start saving, the more you’ll have to spend at Christmas though.

How do you get the card?

Just go to the customer service desk and you can pick up a card for free. BUT, make sure you come home and register it, because that keeps your money safe if you were to lose it etc.

You can also keep track of how much you have earned here.

What I think

If you’re in Asda a lot, popping a couple of quid on your card every time you shop will make a hell of a difference when it comes to Christmas. Plus, you’ll get some money thrown on top too. Don’t forget, you can use as many cards as you’d like too – you’re not limited to just the one card with the £144 limit.

HOWEVER, if you’re not going to spend a lot a Christmas at Asda – then maybe this isn’t for you. This is because you have to spend the money on your card at Asda (incl food, home entertainment, clothes etc), which I think is easy to do. Like I said, I think the toys and clothes at Christmas are some of the best around.

*** This is a collaborative post with Asda Money***

What do you think of the Asda Christmas Savings Card? Will you be doing it? ALSO – what do you think of its clothes and toys? Lets discuss in the comments.

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