How to get the best broadband deal

When’s the last time you switched broadband providers? If you never have or haven’t for ages (firstly, i’m going to come over there and shake you), but not only can you bag yourself a better package, you can slash the price of it. Don’t unnecessarily stick with your broadband package – it’s a mug’s game!

Ok, I hear you – it’s a faff right? Well no. You need to find out just how much you’re paying and what you are getting for your money – including line rental (that sneaky extra cost!).

What kind of broadband user are you?

There are loads of broadband offers out there, and it’s seriously confusing. You really need to take time to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and at what cost. You need to think about what kind of internet user you are. Are you downloading loads of music and films? Do you have kids? Do you plan on just watching YouTube videos of cats and stalking old school friends on Facebook?

If you’re a heavy user, or have lots of people streaming and downloading video and music in the house, it really is worth spending more and getting super fast, unlimited broadband (because it’s going to save a lot of fights in the future!). If you’re not downloading a lot, and just using it for general internet use, get a medium priced package (but if you start going over, consider upgrading). If you’re just checking emails and on it only a few times a week, get the cheapest package possible. There’s no need for all the bells and whistles.

How do I get a good deal?

Broadband packages change all the time. Providers are constantly competing with each other, so if you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re missing out.

You need to get onto a comparison site, for broadband, checkout It’s really easy, just enter your postcode, and it will find and compare all the broadband deals in your area (even ones with TV and phone). When comparing, make sure you’re comparing like with like and think about customer service as well as the price.

If after your comparison, you think you want to stick with your provider, it’s defiantly worth calling up to tell them you’re thinking of leaving them. I bet they start offering you discounts.

Have you switched broadband before? Was it hard? How much did you save? Let me know in the comments.


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