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When you’re skint/young its amazing how long you’ll put up with a terrible mattress. My mum is going to kill me for telling you this, but I inherited my Nanna’s mattress after she died (so no clue how long she had it) because it was an expensive once and she didn’t believe in spending money on a cheap mattress that won’t last. I got used to it though, even when the springs would actually spike up and stab you. (You picturing a Oliver Twist kind of upbringing yeah? Haha)

bruno mattress

A winking bear – what a logo!

It’s all fun and games until you get older and the backaches start to kick in and you know you have to up the quality of your bed in general (the day I bought sheets with a decent thread count was a game changer!).

So I live in-between London and Wales. All my family are based in Swansea and I’ve recently bought a flat in London. In my South London flat I got an Eve mattress , while in Swansea its an old Ikea one that needed to be replaced years ago.

If the mattress isn’t right, I struggle to sleep on my side because of the pressure on my hips – so when I discovered the pain-free comfort of an Eve mattress, I knew I needed something just as good for my Swansea bed.

Introducing Bruno…

bruno mattress

The box is heavy! You’ll need a couple of hands (and a small child) to help out.

bruno mattress

What is a Bruno mattress?

I was in Wales last week so got the mattress delivered or the Monday. You get day slots, but what I liked is that you could ring up the delivery guys and they’d tell you where they were and when(ish) they’ll drop it off – so you don’t need to sit around all day. Why can’t all deliveries work like that?!

bruno mattress

You get a box of german chocolates! Delicious little bears, which lasted all of two minutes.

bruno mattress

Rosie checking out the welcome pack.

The Bruno mattress is a memory-foam style mattress with a removable cover, hypoallergenic latex top layer and a seven zone support system, which comes from Germany. The seven zone structure thing reflects the contours of the body, supporting and distributing your weight properly.

Seriously, check out the ratings. They’re amazing on Bruno’s site and elsewhere on the web.

bruno mattress

bruno mattress

The thing I like best about the Bruno mattress is you don’t get bounced about when you shift. Well, what I mean to say is ‘my boyfriend’ doesn’t get bounced about because I shift around a lot. Unlike the Eve mattress I have in my London flat which is springless, the Bruno is quite bouncy, but you don’t get flung around.

Its also a pretty firm mattress. My sister tried it out the other day. She said that she hasn’t been able to sleep on her back for years because she has a lot of pain, but could on this mattress. I’m concerned she’s going to nick it… (that’s what sister’s do though eh? Nick your stuff).

bruno mattress

bruno mattress

Oliver even stopped playing soldiers for a bit to try the mattress.

Because I’m not in my Swansea bed half the time, little creatures from the pictures use it if they’re staying over, so I really like that you can remove the cover which means you can shove it in the washing machine now and then to keep things hygienic.

bruno mattress

Yeah, Rosie in mid-air testing the mattress.

bruno mattress

How much is a Bruno mattress?

I had a this amazing idea to buy a cheap mattress to put under our bed in London for when guests come over. The cheapest ones I could find was around £150 and had terrible reviews saying they only lasted a few months. Urgh. I don’t really think there is such a thing as a cheap mattress – and you certainly get what you pay for.

So the Bruno (for a double) will set you back £500 and comes with free delivery if you get it delivered Monday – Friday. Keep an eye out for a voucher too. Right now you can save £50 if you order before Monday 10th April when you enter the code BRUNOMINUS50 at the checkout.

bruno mattress

Trying to get a shot of the zip here

bruno mattress

So Bruno says that it only sells exclusively online and delivers them directly to you. This means they can keep their prices 20% – 40% lower than in-store retailers.

  • Single: £350
  • Double: £500
  • King: £675
  • Super King: £775

There is the option for 0% financing over six months – however, I really don’t recommend you do that unless you 100% know you can afford to pay the whole thing off within that time or you’ll end up paying a lot more.

It’s hard to compare mattress to mattress – because comparing a Bruno to an Ikea one is ridiculous. However, I noticed in a lot of the reviews that a similar one is a Dunlopillo which for a double costs £1,349.

bruno mattress

The empty box went down well too.

bruno mattress

My thoughts

Look, if you’re happy with a £200 mattress from Ikea or whatever, get one of those. A high quality mattress costs a lot of money so I know that its not for everyone.

However, if you are looking for spend a bit more on something that will stop aches and pains (a good night’s sleep is priceless) then this is actually cheaper than its competitors. It’s not memory foam like the Eve, so its bouncier, and if you have children, its handy you can take off the top layer and wash.

Its pretty firm (again, not as firm as the Eve) so if you’re into a really soft mattress, then this might not be for you.

I really liked Bruno and think its value for money if you’re looking for spend around that price-range.

Bruno gave me a mattress so I could try it out and give an honest review.


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