Bula Batiki Coconut Oil – An incredible social enterprise

I have so much time for small charities and social enterprises – in fact, before my journalism days, I only ever worked for a charity and a couple of non-profits. It’s not easy for them to get heard, because the the big charities have a huge amount of marketing budget and fill up the space (that’s a whole another conversation – got lots of feelings on this! ha).

Anyway, so when I spot a company with a good heart, doing something incredible (and making me think I should be doing more to help), I’m always more than happy to spread the word.
bula batiki coconut oil

I discovered a social enterprise called Bula Batiki on Twitter, and fell in love with the brand instantly. Just check out its website – how can you not fall head over heels with the island and its people?

I also got chatting to one of the founders, Callum, and he had so much love and passion for the product – it really inspired me. He sent me a pot of coconut oil to try out from Bula Batiki and I tell you what, never has a package in the post made me smile so much. I don’t know if its just me being soft, but not only was it in the most beautiful packaging, but it had a handwritten tag from the family who made it.

Bula Batiki coconut oil

Who are Bula Batiki?

Two British guys, Callum Drummond and Ellis Williams volunteered with a charity called Think Pacific where they went to Batiki island in 2012. They stayed with host families, which they became really close to. In fact, Callum went back a couple of years later to spend Christmas with them.

However, they noticed that the islanders really struggled to generate a decent income, and he wanted to not only help his Fijian family, but also the island as whole. The island was able to produce coconut oil and and we love the stuff in the UK – so spent the next year working and putting together different business grant applications to try and get enough money to trial the idea.

So that’s where they are now. They’ve made a trial batch and have produced 160 litres that was sent to the UK – and 100% of the profits go back to the villagers.


What is Bula Batiki coconut oil?

So handmade by Fijian villagers, the coconut oil is raw and cold pressed, gluten, lactose and cholesterol free. It’s made on an island free from pollution or fumes and not produced in a factory.

It’s 100% raw, and honest coconut oil – with the loveliest intentions.


What can you do with coconut oil?

So there are tons of ways you can use coconut oil, but the two ways I use it is as a serious hair mask (nothing is better my hair like it – you slather it on, sleep with it overnight then wash out, and you’re hair is magically healthy and glossy again), and for cooking as a healthier alternative to butter and oil.

Here are a few other ways, but seriously – just Google it.

  • Skin moisturiser (I do this too!)
  • Oil pulling (its said to whiten teeth if you swish it around your mouth enough)
  • Deodorant
  • Furniture polish

bula batiki

How much is the oil?

Right now you can get a 300ml tub of Bula Batiki for £12 delivered if you help them with their kickstarter. They’re trying to raise £5000 to keep the project going (they’ve sold 800 jars in total so far)

This isn’t the cheapest way to get coconut oil (there will be good stuff a few quid cheaper in your local Holland and Barrett too), but I wanted to feature this because these guys are trying to empower people to earn their own money and start up a business. So sometimes, I think if you can afford it, it’s great to support ventures like this.
bula batiki coconut oil

How can I help out Bula Batiki?

You can buy a tub, where 100% of the profits go back to the families in Batiki. If you can’t afford that – maybe just look them up on Twitter and give them a RT to spread the word.

You can also donate more to the kickstarter – where you can get extra jars of coconut oil, t-shirts and even a holiday to Fiji!


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