Buying a new outfit for a summer wedding? Pick one that will last all year

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against wearing the same dress over and over again for fancy occasions. I think you can get away with it if you’re going to weddings and christenings of different friendship groups.

But let’s be honest, and it’s maybe because I’m in my early thirties – but everyone is getting married and that’s a lot of wedding photos to be in, and tagged on Facebook. So this year, I needed to invest in a few smart pieces because I have worn my other dresses to death.

Simply Be

The grey streak in my hair is becoming pretty noticeable these days!


Simply Be

Here I am with my boyfriend and my oldest friend in the world (not in age), Alfie.

If you’re forking out for a new dress/outfit, even though the odds are it’s for a summer weather, I think it’s wise to pick pieces that can transition into autumn and even winter.

Take the dresses I got from Simply Be below. I think that if you choose a dress with a white background, or are ‘too’ bright, then you’re kind of stuck with wearing that dress just in the summer months. Blet’sets face it, I’m not Anna Wintor, so wear what makes you happy.

simply be


simply be

I chose these two beauties above because even they are bright and flowery. The raspberry can be dressed up with silver and glitz for Christmas – and sandals and summery jewellery for the warmer months.

And of course, you need a little jacket to transition, and the white one below is modern and super flattering and can be worn casually (like, every day) rather than a white jacket.

Simply Be

Check out Simply Be’s wedding shop, to see all the beautiful items that are not just perfect for the summer, but with a bit of savvy can be worn all through the year (anything to save a few quid eh?).

So where do you stand on the debate? How many times can you wear the same dress to a wedding? Talk to me in the comments.

*I got the items above in exchange for an honest review*

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