Amazon’s Cheap Sellers – bargains from 49p (free del)

Amazon sells everything you can think of, big brands, essentials as well as niche little items. But here’s what you may not know; if you put certain words into Amazon’s search bar, you get a big list of super cheap items, with free UK delivery. 

Amazon has lots of different sellers on it’s pages (as well as Amazon itself), and these words are actually individual Chinese shops (i.e. Womdee).  These Chinese items can vary in quality, although are super cheap and start  from 45p. Where else are you going to get a purse for 70p delivered free? 

What you order will take time to arrive as often they come from abroad, so leave plenty of time if you plan to buy for a Christmas/birthday presents to avoid disappointment. You’re going to want to give yourself at least a three week window. 

Items this these stores are particularly good at are cheap scarves, dress jewellery (keep away from diamonds etc! You don’t want to waste money on fakes), party items, gadgets for the kitchen, garden and home.

Cheap Amazon Sellers

Cheap Amazon Sellers

Just click the links for the sellers below and then choose categories to narrow searches.

Now of course, you’ve got to use your head. These items come from China, so don’t spend more than you are willing to potentially lose, because returning the products if you aren’t happy is going to be a faff and is going to cost you more than the item did.

Plus, these items aren’t going to pass British safety regulations, so don’t buy items for young kids, sunglasses or creams etc that go onto your skin.

I’ve bought quite a few things in the past. I’ve loved all the jewellery, crafting bits and stationary, but found clothes to come up very small.

However, these stores are massively popular and they have a lot of happy customers (check the reviews).

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