How to get cheap Harry Potter And The Cursed Child tickets

I have a terrible secret I am going to admit to you. For a money saving pro, it’s about as bad as it gets. I have spent £400 on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child tickets. Yep, it’s a sickening amount of money. The reason? The show is in two parts (so for example, you go on a Friday and Saturday evening), so you have to pay for two lots of tickets per person, and… we’ll, I love everything Harry Potter.  It’s not just me though, currently tickets are being re-sold online for £2000!

I queued up online for HOURS in a panic on the ticket release day, desperate for a ticket. Honestly, it was a proper frenzy, so when I managed to get tickets (in 2017!), put them in my basket with feverish delight. I HAD TICKETS. Got to the checkout and realised the they were £100 each, so needed to buy two for both nights – £400! I just went with it. I still haven’t made up my mind if it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever bought, or is a great idea. What I do know, is that play better be amazing!

The Friday Forty

However, you don’t have to fork out a huge amount, there is a way (although, it’s not a given), to get tickets to the show for a fraction of the price. Every Friday at 1pm, they release 40 tickets for every performance the following week (the best seats in the theatre!) – ‘The Friday Forty’.

The tickets are located in great seats in the theatre, and are priced at £30 during previews (£15 per part from 7 June until 30 July) and £40 (£20 per part from 3 August after the Official Opening) and will secure a seat for both Part One and Part Two in consecutive performances.

You can only do this online.

How do I get these tickets?

Unfortunately, you can’t grab your wand and shout ‘Accio tickets’, you have to get organised online. First off, figure out what dates you can do the following week and set an alarm for every Friday, just before 1pm.

Make sure you are on the Harry Potter The Play site just as the countdown clock turns to zero. At 1pm, the countdown changes into a ‘book tickets’ button. Click the button and you will be taken through to an online virtual queue. Then, names will selected at random for the opportunity to buy the tickets online.

I’ve set my alarm, and will be trying out like everyone else to get my hands on tickets, because I’d love to see it this year.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child cheap tickets


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