Detox with me (well with Claudia Le Feuvre who’s an actual pro)

Ok, first off – I’m not getting paid for this. I’m telling you about it because I’m legitimately going to do it, it’s something I’d recommend, and I think it’s really good value for what it is.

I know some bloggers will push any old thing if they can make a quid or two (you know I’m not like that), but because this isn’t a typical kind of post – wanted to let you know that.

Also, I know there is an appetite for this kind of thing because my blogs about giving up Diet Coke, and quitting dieting were so popular.

A bit of background

*TMI ALERT* Back in the summer, I found my IBS was getting bad. I don’t know where it came from, but after my 30th birthday, I started not being able to eat the foods I was used to eating (no-one tells you that about getting older!).

Like lots of you I bet, I was pretty addicted to sugar and could easily knock back a chocolate bar or three a day. Carbs too. My weakness was (and still is!) a giant bowl of pasta in the evening.

A typical example of my dinner there. I JOKE (though it’s not far off)

Claudia Le Feuvre (a legit Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Master Coach – works in Harley Street) noticed me moaning about this on Twitter and got in touch.

So from there, I did her six-week course, which was a game changer. It involved an initial detox and then we slowly brought in other foods to see what they did to me. Spoiler alert, gluten was a massive problem for me. I also had to limit dairy quite a bit. I can have it, but if I have *too* much, I’m going to regret it.

The reason I really liked it was because Claudia never said that foods were bad or good. I could eat what I liked, but I needed to understand what different foods were doing to my body. Once you ‘detox’ (really don’t like that word personally), you reset your body and you’re able to learn yourself what different things do for you.


Basically, I felt really good after it and six months on or so, and still do it and my IBS is massively better. There are of course times I go off the rails (I blame Ben and Jerry), so its worth just ‘detoxing’ again to curb sugar cravings/reset etc.

10 day detox with Claudia Le Feuvre

With the detox, Claudia says you’ll curb your cravings (I legit stopped craving sugar and I LOVE the stuff), reset your tastebuds, reduce fluid retention, lose weight, and generally feel amazing in time for Christmas.

Ok, so the actual detox. You get:

  • The Detox Guide
  • Access to a closed FB group
  • 3 FB videos within the FB group
  • Support every step of the way (Claudia is in the group constantly answering questions).
  • Recipies
  • A guided meditation

The programme is £47 (which I honestly think is good value to have the time with a professional nutritionist) – but I have an exclusive code to get an extra 25% off.

Sign up here and at the checkout enter the code Lotty Earns and click the ‘apply coupon’ button. This will take the price down to £35.25.

You need to sign up by Saturday 18th November and the actual detox starts on the 20th November.

Like honestly, you can’t even get a piano lesson or personal training session for £35 these days, so to have access to Claudia (who HONESTY, is amazing and cheerfully put up with my complaining and questions!) for a week, is really good value.

Again, I don’t post this kind of thing too often, but as its something I’m actually doing, and I could bag a bit of a discount, I thought I’d share.

I also know that £35 is a lot for some people, so if you’re hesitant and have any questions for me, give me a shout (you know where I am) and I’ll answer them honestly.

Let me know if you’re going to do it too!

If you’re looking for some free tips with dealing with stomach/food issues, check out the blog A Balanced Belly which is packed full of advice and free recipes.

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