Easter egg testing and a choc-tastic competition

I talk about this quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook (then again, what am I not yapping about?), but haven’t mentioned it on my blog before, but I’m a member of the UK Money Bloggers community. It’s a lot like fight club, without the fighting or Brad Pitt. Ha! No, seriously,  It’s a group of the UK’s biggest and best personal finance bloggers who work together as a collective voice – it’s amazing they let me in really! ha!

I love meeting up with fellow personal finance bloggers, compared to other types of blogger such as food, beauty, fashion etc, there’s not a lot of us. So we find ourselves gossiping, sharing tips, swapping contacts etc. And this meet up was even better because it had SO MUCH chocolate involved.

So the latest thing we did as a group, was join up with Quidco (awesome Cashback site – join up!), and test easter eggs. I know, hard life right? The things I do for you. We got there, and Quidco had set up 12 bowls of broken up easter eggs to try. I did manage to get into trouble because I started eating chocolate before I was supposed to, but you know what, its easier to say sorry than ask for permission eh?!

Easter egg tasting

What was the best easter egg?

There were two parts to the test, the blind taste test where we ranked our favourites, and the second part, we learned what the eggs they were and the cost of them, and we ranked them on value for money.

The best tasting one by a long shot was the Mars and Friends egg – £4. I thought it was Lindt or something, but nope, standard Mars. It won both the taste test and for value for money.

The second best was the Asda Extra Special Belgian Chocolate egg – £2,  again for taste and value for money.

Easter egg tasting

What was the worst Easter Egg?

Now of course, I’m not going to turn down any chocolate egg, but there were definitely clear losers. The worst one was Lidl’s Favorina egg. Close by was the pricey Divine and the Heston by Waitrose egg, which was £20!

If you fancy seeing the full list off eggs and the marks they got, check out the UK Money Bloggers post for all the info.

Easter eggs

Win Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies

I know, enough with the chat, lets get down for business. Quidco and The UK MoneyBloggers have put together a stonkingly good prize. The first price is a three month Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club membership (worth £60), 2nd prize: Hotel Chocolat Easter Chocolate collection (worth £35) and third prize, Hotel Chocolat Easter Goody bag (worth £18).

Good luck!

Win Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies!

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