Eggs fresh? How to tell if your eggs have gone bad

Not sure if your eggs are still fresh? Here are some nifty little tricks to decide whether they are good enough to eat.

Stick your eggs in water

Eggs – witches, it’s the same technique. Dunk it in water, and you know what you’ve got (well, maybe not for witches…)

Get yourself a bowl of water (ideally a glass one so you can get a proper look). Put the egg in and see what it does.

  • If it lays down properly (on its side) it’s about as fresh as it can be. Eat away.
  • If it stands up and/or half floats, it could be fresher but it’s still ok to eat. Don’t hang about though.
  • If it floats – don’t even bother. In fact, do not crack the thing. You’ll instantly regret the smell of gone off egg.


Are your eggs fresh or bad?

Are your eggs fresh? See if they float!

Give it a spin

If you don’t have a bowl and prefer the ‘Inception’ way of testing eggs, spin the egg on the countertop and see how it moves.

  • If it spins quickly and for several turns, it’s dodgy – don’t eat it.
  • If it doesn’t turn a lit then it’s still fresh.

Obviously, careful with this as I don’t have any money saving tips to clean egg out of a carpet.

See how the egg peels

Once boiled, when you try to peel them, fresh eggs tend to be harder to peel as their shells ‘stick’ to the egg more than those of older eggs.

Why does this work?

Eggshells are really porous (loads and loads of tiny holes that let air in), so after while more and more air gets in, which spoils food (there’s bacteria in air). The more air in the egg, the more buoyant/light the egg becomes.

Have I missed out any other ways to test the freshness of eggs? What about other food stuff? Let me know in the comments.


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