Which Eurovision countries get nil points for holiday value for money?

I can already see the sequins, the beautiful outfits, the horrendous outfits, a load of ‘ooh la la las’ because everyone understands that, the attractive people, the bearded ones (who are attractive too frankly!), and a drunk Graham Norton dissing? the contestants.

That’s right my friends, Eurovision is nearly here and I am READY. Well, sort of ready. Every year I watch it and say, ‘You know what, I’m going to XYZ to see it live next year. 100%’, and every year I forget or never get around to it.

I particularly wanted to go to Lisbon because I’ve always wanted to go. There’s a beach, good food and the atmosphere would have been amazing.

I’m going to say it again – because what is my life but a cycle of me saying I’’m going to do things, and never changing! – I’m going to go to the next country that is hosting Eurovision.

So who will be the next country to host, and if you’re a savvy money Eurovision fan, who will you WANT to win based on value for money?

I’ve done some investigating. I’m taking the top 10 countries as selected in the online poll on ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network, with votes gathered and combined together from all of the participating INFE clubs.

This is the UK’s voting outcome:

  • 1 point:         France
  • 2 points:        Italy
  • 3 points:        Australia
  • 4 points:        Czech Rep.
  • 5 points:        Cyprus
  • 6 points:        Spain
  • 7 points:        Denmark
  • 8 points:        Greece
  • 10 points:      Finland
  • 12 points:      Israel

So which country would give you the most bang for your buck if UK Eurofans are correct, and one of the above countries win?

Two things before I carry on with this – Ireland doesn’t make the list and I’m glad because I still have not forgotten last year’s snub (though I still love Ireland, but it hurts). Secondly, you’re damn right I’m writing a money-based-Eurovision article, I’m not apologising for forcing this! 😉

Real thought has gone into this – you KNOW I don’t half-arse these things. This is what I’ve compared.

Some parameters:

  • The cheapest direct return flights to the capital city of each country from a London airport leaving Thursday May 10th 2018 and returning Monday 14th May
  • Double room in a three-star hotel in the capital city of each country for four nights*
  • I’ve also taken into account the average cost of a beer, a cappuccino, a bottle of water, three-course meal for two and a ticket for the local transport in each country.

Totting up all that, and also the Sainsbury Bank’s Travel Money team did some calculations for me based on the local currencies (and correct on Thursday 19th April) – here is the list of countries we *should* hope will win if we want to be thrifty.

  • 1 point – Australia     £786.54
  • 2 points – Cyprus       £465.34
  • 3 points – Greece      £453.73
  • 4 points – Israel          £365.96
  • 5 points – Denmark   £357.48
  • 6 points – Finland       £357.03
  • 7 points – Italy            £355.93
  • 8 points – Spain          £350.18
  • 10 points – France        £327.51
  • 12 points – Czech R    £316.09

It’s not a big shocker that the Czech Republic came out cheapest and Australia the most costly. So there you go, I’m clearly supporting Mikolas Josef this year, with his song Lie To Me. It’s got a funky trumpet and is cool, so yeah – fingers crossed.  Although he hurt himself during rehearsals doing a backflip and ended up in hospital, so we may not have the pleasure of seeing him make that move on the night…

Travel Money and insurance tips

You’re going to think I’m a right weirdo saying this – but I love sorting out my travel money before a holiday.

Sure, for some people, a holiday doesn’t start until the plane touches down at the final destination, but not for me. It’s the buying new clothes, the sun cream – but the best bit, getting the foreign money, because that’s when it becomes ‘real’.


According to research from Sainsbury’s Bank,  9% of people don’t bother to take out travel insurance (clutches chest). Seriously, stick it on the top of the list.

There’s this temptation not to bother with it, but it’s really not expensive and it can save your skin. Just on my last trip to Vegas, my sister had her wallet stolen with a load of her money, and we got it all back thanks to insurance.

When you’re thinking about travel insurance, consider getting gadget cover if you’re taking your laptop, fancy phone, etc – because I know what I get like after a couple of cocktails in me!

Ok – so imagine me staring into your eyes sincerely here, because please don’t ever sort your travel money out at the airport. Those awful exchange rates makes me want to cry. Order it in advance!

There’s always a trick to get a better rate too! So take your Nectar card – you’ll get a better exchange rate on all foreign currencies bought online or by phone and also on Euros and US Dollars at one of 140 Sainsbury’s in-store Bureaux de Change.

So how about it, who is joining me next year in the winning country? Who are hoping wins? Let me know.

This was a collaborative post with Sainsbury’s Bank.

*Not Israel though, because the dates don’t quite work

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