Get a FREE Graze box delivered to your door (usually around £4)

Argh! I love Graze, when I worked at my last place of employment, I’d get one a week! There is something wonderfully lazy and indulgent about getting a selection of snacks delivered to your door (especially the brownies). Well, you can now get one box delivered totally free.


What is Graze?

So you pick a box and Graze will pick a random selection of  four items and deliver them to your door (and usually cost £4). You can decide how often you get a box, but normally people pick once a week.


The snacks are supposed to be ‘healthier’ but I went into the settings and clicked on all the items I wouldn’t want to get (seriously, don’t come to me with raisins), I was after the cakes and Nutella-based things.

How to get the freebie

To get your free box, just follow via THIS LINK, click ‘get started’ and pick your box. You then put in all your delivery and bank details and you’ll be delivered the box within a few days.


HOWEVER – it will start charging you for a subscription if you don’t cancel. The good news is it’s SUPER easy to do online, and they don’t give you any jip. I’d order the freebie, wait for the confirmation (or the box to be delivered) then cancel straight away, unless you want a weekly box.

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