I hate you if… flying edition

There are two things I love and am bloody excellent at, money saving and ranting. When I first started this blog last year, I decided that as well as money stuff – I’d inject a little bit of my “personality” into it, which honestly is about 90% complaining – 10% Game of Thrones quotes –  so I wrote my first ever I hate you if… post, all about the theatre.

So currently, I’m on my way back from Florida (plenty of blogs to come on that) and am stuck in an airport in Washington for at least six hours (thanks United!) – so thought I’d either write a blog post about everyone here annoying me, or see if I could get to the White House and back for ‘the banter’. I’m lazy so picked the blog.

Here goes – the people I hate in airports and on planes:

Late people


This is more of an annoyance than a ‘hate’ because it doesn’t affect me. But people who don’t turn up for an international flight AT LEAST three hours in advance are a bloody mystery to me.

Flights aren’t cheap, and you probably have expensive stuff booked the other side too such as hotels and car hire – so to me, rocking up with a few minutes to spare – therefore needing to run (and potentially knocking people down) to the boarding gate before it closes it crazy.

Seriously, you can’t leave early enough in my opinion. What if the train breaks down? The traffic is bad? Security don’t take a liking to you and that takes ages? I’ve even been on flights where they’ve left early. I don’t take chances when I’ve spent a few hundred quid on something.

Liquid smugglers

flying edition

I’m sorry, but if you’ve managed to have not picked up that you can’t take liquid through airport security by now, there’s not much hope for you.

Was literally just behind a woman who put a bottle of Coke on the security conveyer belt after ignoring signs and scary American security offers tell the queue that NO LIQUIDS can go through security. Like, did she think she was the exception?

I just don’t believe she wasn’t aware of the rules. Like, my five year old niece with me understood them. I just think these people don’t think the rules apply to them.

And while we’re at it, people who can’t follow basic commands. Take your laptop out of your bag doofus! Why haven’t you done it? The woman has told you ten times. Got a belt on? Well guess what hotshot – that’s going to set the alarm off and you’re getting a rubdown.

Stag and hen dos

flying edition

This one is a bit harsh, mainly because I hate big groups of drunk men. But come on, do you really need to go to the pub at 8am in the morning? I sometimes think that blokes (and you know what, women too) don’t realise that being loud and drunk is intimidating to people, and airports are filled with children, elderly and people who frankly don’t want to be around it.

Oh, and just because the booze is ‘free’ on a flight, doesn’t mean you have to shove as much down your throat as possible?

Yeah, controversial one I know. But if I see matching t-shirts and its not worn by a family who is off to Disney World – I’m going to need to you be a million miles away from me.

Seat hogs

flying edition

This is all about the airport lounge. I assume its not a mistake, but I’ve never been to an airport seating area where there is enough seating for everyone that is getting on the plane.

So if you are one of the lucky people who managed to blag a seat, don’t put your bag next to you so someone else can’t sit down. Your stuff doesn’t get priority over actual people!

The overhead locker chancer

flying edition

Ok, you’re through security and are boarding. You’ve probably (well should have been – see above) hanging around for three hours. THREE HOURS.

So when you’re boarding the plane, and the staff want you to sit down as soon as possible to they can take off – why is then you want to get up and get something from the overhead locker? You kidding me? Who do you think you are? Everyone is waiting for you.

Either realise you may want something from your hand luggage in advance and get it out, or wait for the plane to be up in the air. Urgh, sit down.

Seat recliners

flying edition

Here we go… the worst of the worst – the seat recliner.

Simple life rule for you here. If its day time, sit up straight like a proper person. Why are you laying back at a 15 degree angle – it’s not like its actually comfy. Not only is the back of your head then three inches from my breathing mouth, but I can’t eat properly

Look, if its night time on the plane – go crazy and lean away. I won’t hate you for that.

People who are rude to flight attendants

flying edition

This is simple. If you are someone who is rude to flight attendants – you are trash.

This applies to all service workers actually. If you are so pathetic, you think you are better than someone else who is paid to serve you, and find yourself talking down to them/shout/demand/are rude – you’re a waste of space (and I will say something to you if you do it in front of me).

People who are angry at babies

flying edition

Look, I don’t even have kids – so this isn’t a ‘mum’ thing. But I can’t stand it when a family comes on with a little kid or baby and someone next to them rolls their eyes or huffs. Like chill out mate – the kid needs a little time to get used to the weird surroundings. Have a little empathy. Like, who are you? You’re not the Queen. You don’t get to have the exact conditions you’d like. And guess what, they’ll probably cry too when the flight launches.

No-one wants to hear a baby cry all through the flight – including the mother, so huffing and generally acting annoyed isn’t going to help the situation. Lets be kind to one another.

HOWEVER – parents, if your kid is kicking the back of the seat because their little legs aren’t touching the floor, sort it out. Don’t ignore it, it’s 100% driving the person in front mad.

Baggage space hoarders

flying edition

Ah, you’ve landed! Great. Time to pick up your bags from the carousel.

Now, I’m blaming blokes for this one. They tend to form a chain around the moving carousel watching it like a hawk for their suitcase.

Errr… how about you stand back a bit so us at the back can see our bag if it comes around. Seriously, they’re so territorial – I half expect them to pee on the conveyer belt.

Ok, fess up. Do you do any of these? ha! Any annoying things I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments.


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