My new indoor garden

As a general rule, owning a home is a million times better than my renting days. I don’t miss:

  • the teacher who would get drunk and walk around naked
  • the couple who would have parties every night and swallowed a load of my medication one night in the hope they’d get high
  • or the bloke who secretly had a woman living in the attic, but we caught her in the garden one day when he was at work.

BUT – what I DO miss is having a garden.

Sure, they don’t have flowers on them yet – but they’re already making me really happy

My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it. Sure, the BBQs and the parties were great, but for us, it was all about the gardening.

We were never really into growing flowers, but more into growing our own fruit and vegetables. We pretty much lived off courgettes for months.

We don’t have ANY outdoor space, so yep – we had to plant all the boxes on the kitchen floor

Of course, as well as saving us loads of money on food, gardening is so good for your wellbeing too.

So if you have a patch of ground outside, give growing your own vegetables a go. It’s not as hard as you may think it is.

Some herbs or the kitchen. Check out our whole kitchen DIY project

My new window boxes

So! I don’t have any outdoor space, but I’ve got windowsills and a can-do attitude!

I ordered A TON of flowers from Blooming Direct to cover any spare space that gets some sun.

I got a ton of geraniums for the front of the house which gets a lot of sunshine, all day. They’re bright and hard to kill which is important in my house because honestly, I’m not great at keeping indoor plants alive!

Fuchsias for the bedroom windowsill where there is a bit of sun in the morning, but then mostly shade.

In the kitchen, we wanted herbs. Though, is it the time of the year, but couldn’t find anything but bay and oregano? Do garden centres not bother with mint and rosemary? What am I doing wrong?

My indoor plants

I truly can’t help myself when I find an interesting indoor plant and couldn’t resist this Hawaiian palm tree. It was £15 and will hopefully sprout tiny tropical flowers.

HOWEVER, I’ve nearly killed it on day one. I put it in the sun, assuming it wanted a ton of sunlight (it’s from bloody Hawaii), and it wilted and went yellow. Was absolutely gutted.

However, did a bit of research, and they’re pretty hardy. They just have a reverse year, so need to sit in the shade now, and can tolerate sunlight after July. It should come back, so fingers crossed.

Apparently the Hawaiian Palm tree is one of the rarest plants in the world. Nearly extinct! (especially in my house)

Also, look at this beauty! Obviously, a pineapple plant. Does anyone know if another pineapple will grow if I eat this one? Is it going to become a full-sized one?

Anyway, love it. Again, £15 at Blooming Direct.

Absolutely hilarious to me

Ok, quickly on Blooming Direct – I don’t know if I recommend them. It’s tough because on one hand, really great plants, delivered safely. But – and I know we’re in weird times, but delivery was about a month late.

It was really hard to get in touch with them to get updates, but… I’d probably just give them the benefit of the doubt because everyone and their aunt is buying plants during the lockdown.

When you have no space for real plants

IF you’re not in a situation where you can grow lovely veg outside, have a balcony/windowsills, or even the space or means for indoor plants – you could always craft to fill your home with greenery (how cute are these paper plants?).

I fill my home with tropical prints/art/duvet covers. Whatever I can do to get a bit of outdoors, inside.

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