Job Spotter app review – (I made £30 in one hour)

I have been getting excited on Twitter because I have forked out for a fancy new microphone for my new Podcast The Money Coven (keep updated on Twitter and Facebook). The reason I mention this is because I was telling everyone how I managed to get the microphone totally free thanks to the JobSpotter app.

It occurred to me that even though I’m always talking about it on social media and have even written about it for the papers – I’ve never actually mentioned it on my blog.  So here we go – you NEED the Job Spotter app because I have made nearly £150 in the easiest way ever (and I hate money-making apps).


What is Job Spotter?

So you know job adverts in shop windows? Well,, which is the biggest job site in the world – wanted to find a way to get all those little job adverts on their site.

Once you spot a job sign (the more rubbish it looks, the better), open the app and take a snap of the sign, and the shop front. It takes 10 seconds tops, but you need to make sure you don’t include people in the picture. I literally just take a picture of the name of the shop which is usually high enough to bypass all the people.

Once you’ve submitted the job advert, you’ll be given some points which equal pennies. For a really good one (handwritten and in a quiet area), you can get over 100 points (so more than £1). For something standard such as Starbucks, you’ll get around 30 points (30p).


How much can you make?

This, of course, depends on where you live, and how many job adverts you spot.

I live in London and find the app very addictive. I like to go on walks to different areas finding jobs which gets me out of the house as well as making money. When it was first launched, I spent one hour walking around Tooting and managed to make over £30.

So far I’ve made over £140 and I promise you – it’s the easiest thing in the world. You can also do it abroad and repeat job adverts if they are still up 30 days later.

I was talking to a friend on Twitter who has made 400 Australian dollars since the app was launched earlier this year.

job spotter

HOWEVER: What you need to know is that you don’t get cash – you get Amazon gift cards, which isn’t ideal – but considering you can buy everything, including groceries at Amazon, it’s not the end of the world

I plan to pay for all my Christmas presents with the Job Spotter app (though pretty much have to start again thanks to the microphone!).

Have you been using Job Spotter? How much have you made so far? Let me know in the comments.

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