Weird Ways to Make Money

If you’re looking to earn more money, then you’re often required to get creative at times. For most people, being creative means selling things on eBay, starting a website, or using money-making apps. These are all lovely and normal ways to do that – but l love the weird ways to make money!  

Some of these weird and wonderful ways to make money can pay huge amounts of cash. Whether you’re willing to try them is another question altogether though!

Clinical Trials

We’re starting off big (and risky!). I joke, but lot’s of people do this. I know lots of people who did this at University.

Clinical trials can pay whopping sums of money if you’re willing to allow doctors to poke around and feed you the newest drugs the market has to offer.

In fact, if you’re willing to have the flu inserted into you and be monitored in a room for a week or so, then you could get paid £3750 by FluCamp (oh gawd, don’t come knocking on my door if it goes wrong though!)

This one’s probably not for you if you’re a bit of a germaphobe, though. If you’re lucky you could end up being the new Captain America.

Check out the NHS website to get some proper information on it. You could do some real good as well as make a bit of cash!


If you’re wondering what on Earth a PayPig is then you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s a term for a person – usually a man – who wants to find someone to ruin him financially (and yes, a stranger asked me to do this for a lot of money!)

This usually comes in the form of them sending you their salary while they live off scraps.

It’s an interesting one for sure, and there are certainly plenty of PayPigs looking for ways to waste their cash on social media if this is your cup of tea.

Selling Your Hair

This one sounds strange but there’s a perfectly good explanation for it – people want to wear wigs and hair extensions that are made from real hair. They will pay obscene amounts of money.

It seems like it would be hard to earn much from this venture considering you have to sell at least 6 inches each time, but I guess it’s worth a shot if you’re planning on having a trim.

Give it a Google, but a popular one is Hair Harvest.

Just a warning though, they’ll probably want you to have non-dyed hair in good condition etc.

Job Spotter App

The Job Spotter app is an awesome way to make money randomly on the side.

If you spot an advert for a job in a shop window, you then snap a photo and will be rewarded points that can be exchanged for withdrawable cash.

You can earn more for lesser known adverts – think handwritten in a country village – so keep your eyes peeled.

HOWEVER – Job Spotter is currently on hold thanks to the Coronavirus.

Life Modelling

Enjoy art or – alternatively – getting your kit off in front of strangers? Life modelling could be the gig for you.

People get paid to turn up, take off their clothes, and let people paint, draw, or sculpt art pieces of them. This one comes with an hourly wage, though, so you better hope they put the heating on if you’re going to be sat there for a few hours.


The easiest way to make money is to save on what you’re already spending.

If you’re wanting to increase your income then deals, glitches, and freebies can help you to buy the things you were already going to, but for much less.

Nike sales, Yankee Candle discounts, and Topshop flash sales are just a few that make the list here.

Watching TV

Earning money for watching tv isn’t only reserved for those lucky enough to be featured on Gogglebox.

These days, tv companies are paying people to watch their shows and give feedback so you can genuinely earn money in this way. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though, because some of the shows are likely to put you to sleep.

Have I missed out on any weird and wonderful ways to make some extra cash? Let me know in the comments!


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