EXCLUSIVE – Monsoon and Accessorize ends its 70% off sale?

Something is up with the Monsoon sale.

Twice a year for as long as I can remember there has been a big sale at Monsoon. I’m a big fan of the clothes and jewellery at the stores, so as soon as the 50% off signs hit the window – I get excited, because I know the 70% off sale will start in a couple of weeks – and it’s then I stock up on all the items I’ve been eyeing up.

But there hasn’t been a 70% off sale for a while.


So I thought I’d do a big of digging. I asked someone in a store in London about what is going on with the sale, and she straight up told me that they aren’t reducing items to 70% anymore.

Just yesterday, as the 50% off sale started, I asked a shop assistant at Paddington train station who was warier. She told me that the last sale didn’t drop to 70%, but she doesn’t know what this one will do.

A friend of a friend actually works at Accessorize so I asked what she knew. This is the response:

“Basically they do still do 70% it’s just nothing goes down to 70% straight away anymore. So by the time things go into it, it’s just the rubbish stuff.”


So what seems to be happening, is that it no longer drops the 50% off sale to 70% after a couple of weeks – but now wait until the majority of stuff is sold at 50%, which will be a disappointment to those (like me) who loved the big 70% off sale.

I got in contact with the Monsoon press office to get a proper answer and they told me this:

“As I am sure you understand, our sale activity is all trade dependent and business sensitive therefore we cannot confirm any of the below.”

(‘Below’ were my questions FYI)

When was the last time you’ve seen the Monsoon sale get to 70% off? Do you work there and know something? Let me know in the comments.


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