Don’t Let Heating Your Home Eat Away Your Hard Earned Money

Remember all my boiler issues I had in the winter? I caused a scene on Twitter… Well, the situation isn’t exactly sorted but is often on my mind (just easy-ish to ignore in the summer).

However, Hassle Free Boilers have written a guest post for me demystifying (90% sure that’s a word) getting a boiler and also sharing their calculator which can show you how much you can save if you switch to an A-rated one. I think I need to get a new one ASAP.


It is baffling to think that more than 1.5 million homes in the UK use outdated and insufficient boilers. Using insufficient boilers means having to overpay for monthly bills, which in turn, means many households in the UK end up having to spend money on their heating bills instead of using it for other means. This is very unfortunate, but nonetheless, a reality for many UK households. However, there is a solution to this energy waste problem.

Your Boiler in Summer

Whether you are waking up to a frosty morning or during the balmy summer months, having an inefficient heating system increases the cost during all the seasons of the year. If a home is using and old and outdated boiler, you could be spending even more money on heating, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

It does not have to be that way

By installing an A rated boiler system in your home you could find yourself saving up to £350 on your annual gas bills. This is important because while outdated boiler systems lose around 25% of the heat they produce as hot air. An ‘A’ rated boiler system offers unmatched energy efficiency by capturing and condensing the hot air. The result is, you have a boiler system that’s not only efficient when it comes to providing you with the hot water, and comfortable indoor living environment, but it is also cost effective.

What is an A-Rated Boiler?

An A-rated boiler system is one of the most efficient boiler systems since it can convert up to 90% of the energy it uses into heat. A-rated boilers can easily be identified since they have a stamp of approval from the Energy Saving Trust. The SEDBUK boiler efficiency was rated from a scale of A to G, A being the most energy efficient. Boiler efficiency ratings are calculated by using the average efficiency level that is achievable by a domestic boiler, along with other factors weighted such as temperature, types of use of the boiler, and the various options that are given with various boiler controls.

Did you know?

Over an ‘A’ rated boiler’s 15 year lifespan, you can save up to £5,250 compared to a boiler with a lower energy efficiency rating. Or as Yahoo Finance covered that energy efficient boilers could save consumers up to £17,500 during their lifetime.

Hassle Free Boilers

Along with lowering your energy consumption, keeping your boiler well maintained and replacing them when needed will ensure that you have a pleasant quiet living environment in your home. This is why such services as Hassle Free Boilers offer includes boiler cover to guarantee the hot water you need during the winter and summer months.

How much can you save?

Finding the right boiler for your requirements can be a difficult task with many boilers models and providers to choose from. Using the Boiler Savings Calculator, you can input your preferences for a range of factors including price and see exactly how much you could save.

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