O2 Priority Moments Loophole (Get THE BEST freebies!)

If I could hold your face in my hands and convince you to do anything, it would be to sign up to O2 Priority Moments (not got O2 – hang on, don’t go anywhere – I have this sorted). But you’re not here, so can’t get all weird on you. But trust me, although this admittedly is initially a proper faff, you won’t regret doing it. It’s amazing.

What is O2 Priority Moments?

O2 Priority is an awesome free app which is there to reward O2 users (so if you are an O2 user, download it asap). It uploads weekly offers, freebies and early access to gigs. The freebies aren’t little samples, they are usually worth a few quid.

What freebies have there been in the past?

I don’t have a crystal ball, so can’t tell you what freebies are coming up, but the ones that have happened are pretty impressive. They include:

  • Free Soap and Glory hand cream
  • Free face mask at The Body Shop
  • £1 Dominos pizza (ok, not free – but awesome)
  • Free hot drink at Cafe Nero
  • Free Hotel Chocolat slab
  • Free bike pump at Halfords
  • Free bottle of 7up
  • Star Wars speaker
  • Tony and Guy hair serum
  • Benefit Fake Up
  • Yankee Candle air freshener
  • Christmas cards and wrapping paper (I picked some up worth £9 last year!)

See, well worth getting the app. I told you!

Ok, you’ve convinced me – enough of the chat. How do I get the  O2 Priority if I’m not with O2?

O2 says anyone with an O2 mobile – including Pay and Go, Pay Monthly and business customers is eligible to get it. So if you have ANY unlocked phone, it’s simple.

  1. Order a free Pay & Go Sim card from O2 (annoyingly, you can’t pick one up from the store). Then insert the Sim into your smartphone and activate it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to put any money on it.
  2. Connect to wifi and download the O2 Priority app (available on Android and Apple)
  3. Take out the O2 Sim, stick your other one in and the app should still be on your phone. Voila! You have the O2 app on a non-O2 phone!

It’s going to change your life!

Looking for more freebies? If it’s your birthday coming up soon, check out my guide on how to bag the best free stuff for your birthday.

Oh! And join my Facebook group Luxury on a Budget which is where I post the best deals I find online.


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