The Ultimate Birthday Freebies List

Everyone loves a treat on their birthday (especially when you’re getting on a bit and they become a more depressing than jolly affair!). Thankfully, retailers know this and offer plenty of birthday freebies for doing simple things like signing up for a newsletter or downloading an app.

As always, some promotions are better than others but here are a few ways to get the best birthday freebies around.

Deals, Sales, Freebies 

If you’re looking for the best freebies and other deals available then look no further than the Deals, Sales, Freebies pages or this guide, that are updated regularly with the best offers from all kinds of retailers, including clothing brands, food, and household items to name but a few.

It’s also always worth joining my deals Facebook group ‘Luxury on a Budget‘ where I post the best bargains I find on the internet.

The Body Shop

coloured bath bombs

Petition to get those little bath oil balls back please! Remember them? Bloody loved those in the ’90s.

Signing up for The Body Shop’s loyalty club is free but you’ll be given £5 worth of points to spend on your birthday. You’ll also get more points whenever you buy products.


If you’re the creative type, then it’s worth signing up to the Hobbycraft Club for free. You’ll be sent a £5 gift voucher on your birthday.

coloured embroidery thread arranged in a heart shape

Disney Freebies

As if going to Disney World wasn’t exciting enough, there are also lots of freebies to take advantage of if you’re going on your birthday.

You’ve probably heard of the obvious ones if you’re a Disney fan, such as free Celebration Buttons at the Walt Disney World Resort on your birthday to free Coca Cola samples, and professional photos etc.

But – I’ve gone mega deep and found a load of Disney freebies I bet you’ve never heard of before.


Greggs has become cool again, right? I could swear that 5 years ago it was a bit of a depressing place to go, now they’re shiny, popular and making Piers Morgan rage by creating vegan sausage rolls.

If you download the Greggs app and join Greggs Rewards, you’ll be given a free sweet treat on your birthday. This is something along the lines of a cupcake or doughnut (though I personally recommend the Yum Yums!).

You can also be invited to try exclusive treats and get a free coffee when you buy seven.

Bella Italia

Bella Italia will give you a free main meal when you buy another main meal. Perfect for couples out for a birthday meal.

You can get some free birthday fizz too when you enter a code.

bowl of pasta with greens and mushrooms

All you need to do is provide Bella Italia with your email address in exchange for a code.

O2 Priority Moments

Ah – O2 Priority Moments. It’s the best place to get freebies and it’s not just for people with O2 (I have a cheeky trick to get around it).

Signing up for O2 Priority Moments gives you access to a wide range of freebies.

Previous ones have included Café Nero coffees, Yankee Candle air fresheners, Hotel Chocolat, and so on.


Signing up for the Debenhams Beauty Club will give you three points for every £1 you spend on beauty, skincare & fragrance products.

However, you’ll also be able to claim a free birthday treat in the form of either a free oxygen facial blast or a free file and paint from Blow Ltd.

hand showing off pretty light coloured and glitter nails


First off, if you do one thing – get Quidco which is my number one money-saving tip of all time. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Visiting retailers through Quidco will give you cashback and discounts on items you were already going to purchase.

The money can add up quickly, so why not treat yourself to what could be considered a free birthday treat?

Hungry Horse

Celebrate your birthday with bubbles by signing up to the Hungry Horse newsletter.

You’ll receive a free drink voucher on your birthday that can be used on a wide variety of beers, wines, and soft drinks.

Pizza Express

(Ahem, I will be making no Pizza Express jokes at this time, thank you very much!)

delicious pizza and ingredients on side

Signing up to the Pizza Express newsletter will bag you access to a birthday voucher that can be exchanged for a free bottle of Prosecco when you buy two main meals.

Have I missed any birthday freebies on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Oh – and if you’re here and it is your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have an amazing year.


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