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I’m a lot of things, but organised isn’t one of them. I’m that person with a dreaded “paper draw”, where all letters and bits of paperwork go that seem important (honestly, it would make a lot of you shiver – it’s a mess). When it comes to bills, I’m ashamed to say I let my boyfriend sort it – he tells me what I need to pay, and I pay him. It gets extra complicated because we currently live in a house share with four other people (see – I’m trying to buy a house before I kill someone), so keeping track of all our bills, and how much we are spending, is a nightmare.

So, I have discovered this nifty little tool called Onedox, which puts all your bills in one place. Now – believe me when I say I have little tolerance for anything that involves numbers and/or remembering passwords, especially if it means I have to go into my paper draw. I have better things to do – there are cat videos on YouTube I haven’t seen yet.


Ditch the paper

Honestly, setting up your accounts on Onedox was super easy. Once you sign up (it’s free!) you’ll be sent a registration email where you’ll need to confirm your details.

There’s three main things Onedox does once you’ve linked up your accounts:

  • To-Do’s – which will tell you if you have anything to-do (kind of self-explanatory that one)
  • Accounts – So it lists all your linked accounts
  • Activity Feed – Which shows your activity across all accounts, including bills and statements.

What does Onedox do?

So once you’ve signed up, you’ll have a dashboard where you can put everything in one place. You then add all your bills and money bits and pieces to the dashboard. You can get all your paperless bills in one place (so you’re not signing in to multiple websites), and allows you to track your spending and contract expiry dates.

You can also set up automatic reminders about when your car tax and MOT are due and works with most gas and electric, mobile, TV, broadband and landline suppliers in the UK.

How do you setup your accounts?

So click on your dashboard and in the accounts section, you’ll spot a + sign. Click on that. You can then add your Car/Vehicle, Mobile Phone, Gas and Electricity, or Landline, Internet and TV.

I really like the fact it isn’t a faff to do. It literally takes a couple of minutes to sort out. So let’s say your internet is with Sky, just click the ‘Landline, Internet and TV’ box, and you’ll see a load of new boxes with internet providers. Click on the Sky box. You then put your Sky account username and password in, and Voila! It’s been added.

So is it just about being organised? Or is there more to it?

Wow, thanks for asking. You know what there IS more to it. Onedox can also help you save money, because if you’re not on the cheapest tariff you could be, it will tell you (and help you switch).

For example, right now, I’ve found out I’m paying £200 too much for npower. That’s a massive difference for me.


You never know, you might save Walter White levels of cash and can lay on it (probably just a few £100 though, which is pretty good!)

What do I think?

It’s so nice to use, and a brilliantly simple idea. For me though, I wish you could include your council tax bill (I also was not able to add my Giffgaff and Ecotricity bill) – so absolutely everything was in one place. I’m also someone who loves to obsess with numbers, so like how I can see, in an easy way, how much we’ve been spending. My housemates have already got this ‘How come we’ve paid £100 more this month, compared to this time last year?! We need to cut down!’

I like how it also thinks for you (because if you’re like me, I forget everything), so if something important is coming up (like you need to renew your MOT, it will send you an email reminding you to do it. If your accounts generate any new documents, you’ll be emailed with the details that same day. It’s so simple, but just life-changing when it comes to sorting your your financial life.

Oh and yeah – it’s free. I genuinely would recommend this, and can’t wait till I’m able to add more of my bills, so I can nag everyone!


***This is a collaborative post***


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