Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando Florida – my thoughts and how to get cheap tickets

Its been just over a week since I came back from Florida and oh boy, I’m seriously missing the sun. My whole family (all eight of us) went to Orlando for two weeks and were non-stop the whole time – from going to the Disney Parks on a budget, finding some awesome bargains in the outlets as well as the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure show.

pirate's dinner adventure

To maximise the time we had in the parks, we decided to get to the parks when they opened so we didn’t have to queue to get on the rides. This meant that by the time we got to the evening, we were shattered. However, I feel like its really important to get out and to experience some Orlando nightlife.

I went to Orlando with two little kids – my nephew Oliver (7) and niece Rosie (5) who are Pirate obsessed – so knew we had to try out the Pirate’s Dinner show.

pirate's dinner adventure

We turned up about 10 minutes before the show was meant to start and panicked a bit about the long queue. No need to stress through, it goes down quickly and there’s plenty of time. Oh, there’s also a pirate ship outside the kids can play on.

What is the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure?

It kind of does what it says on the tin – it’s a pirate show – filled with singing, gymnastics, fights, explosions and audience participation. They also serve you food at the same time.

pirate's dinner adventure

Big shout out to this bloke for ruining my shot of the kid’s play area! 😉

You know, time and money is short when you are away – so you want to make sure you’re getting value when choosing experiences on holiday. I did a bit of research on the show, and did see that the food wasn’t rated highly – while the show was.

Because the children just love all things pirates (and there’s a massive pirate ship in the middle of the room), we had to go and try it out anyway.

pirate's dinner adventure

If you think this pirate ship is impressive, you should see the one inside!

First off – lets talk about the food

I think its better than OK. You get three courses (the children have a separate menu), two beers and unlimited Coke and water for your money.

The starter wasn’t much to write home about to be honest, it was literally just a chopped salad. If you like salad leaves, go crazy with it – but if not, you can just refuse it.

Your sat in a line with your friends and family facing the pirate ship (the audience is in a big circle around the pirate ship which is the stage). The server comes down the line and hands you the food, so there’s no need to get up and queue.

Pirates dinner adventure

This was really tasty. The beans had a nice crunch to them – rather than being over-cooked. It was honestly really good.

For the main meal, there was a quarter of a chicken which was really tasty, some beef which melted in the mouth with veggies and crispy opinions which were tasty. The whole family polished it off. The kids got chicken nuggets and macaroni cheese.

Pirate's Adventure dinner

The cake didn’t look up to much, but it was SO good. We couldn’t quite figure out what was in it – but I think it was a coconut and almond combo. It was sweet and delicious.

We had the beer which was fizzy and cold (obviously, it wasn’t going to win awards – but it was enjoyable) – but remember to take ID with you because American’s are super strict if you look under 21.

This beauty was bloody delicious!

The show

The theming of the show was actually incredible. The kid’s faces were incredible walking into the main hall. The pirate ship is super impressive – I want to say full scale, but I’m probably wrong! ha. It’s in water too.

Disney's pirate adventure

There’s a pirate who represents ‘your team’ who welcomes you when you sit down. We had the red pirate (the less said about him, the better – the traitor! ha).

He’s there as a bit of  cheerleader, making you all whoop and shout when your team is mentioned. Seriously, because it is America, everyone really gets into it – whereas if it was the UK, there would be miserable silence! ha. It was fun, and we were all there hollering and bashing the tables in no time.

pirate's dinner adventure

This is Rosie doing her best angry pirate impression.

Our red pirate would pick people to represent the team to win points, such as throw beanbags up to him when he was up a ladder (our team was rubbish!). Don’t worry if you’re not into the audience participation bit – they ask who wants to get involved and there will 100% be people who are really keen to if you’re not.

The standard of the show really was excellent – and I’m super judgey (like, I think Pantomime is trash). There was lots of ooohhing and ahhhing. The actors in it were really talented.


I can’t quite remember what this pose was about, but I think Rosie said she was a pirate ghost or something

After the show, you go out into the foyer where there is a dance party with the pirates from the show – you could also properly meet the pirates and take photos. I thought this was a really nice touch, they weren’t rushing you out of the door once the show had finished (though the shop and the bar being in the same room probably helped).

pirate's dinner adventure

More pirate impressions…

How much is Pirate’s Dinner Adventure?

I think at full price, the show is definitely worth it – but come on, there’s always a discount to be had!

Just on the website itself, an adult ticket is $67.95 (£52.46), while a child is $41.45 (£32). There is no discount for the elderly or students.

For reduced tickets, check out the offers page. Right now for example, mum’s can go free with the code PTMOM17 and May rates at $40.95 (£31.62) for an adult and $30.95 (£23.90) for a child. If you didn’t go to the offers page and click through there – you’d be paying full price. Use the code MAYPT37.

There’s also a decent reduction for groups of people: A group of 4 people for example at $39.45 (£26.45). Enter the code: SBPT17A

Remember to check Orlando’s Groupon, ticket booths and coupon books while you’re there for potential discounts too.

Parking – Yep, parking isn’t free at the venue, and will set you back $5 (£3.86) which isn’t the end of the world. I suppose you could look into parking elsewhere as there are lots of entertainment places and hotels close by, but we felt it wasn’t worth the effort.

With your parking ticket, you get a voucher for the shop if you plan on doing a bit of shopping.

Pirates dinner adventure

Tip – This is America, so even though you’ll have paid for your food upfront, you’ll need to tip your server (who to be fair works really hard).

Towards the end of the night, they’ll come around with a tray and a suggested tip of $5 (£3.86) per adult and $3 (£2.32) per child. You can pay with cash or your card.

pirate's dinner adventure

Have you ever been to the Pirates Show in Orlando? Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have about the show.

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