You can now shop at Primark online (and get it the delivered the next day)

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that THIS IS NOT an official partnership with Amazon. Primark recommends that you just shop in-store as the sellers are inflating prices. 

We’ve all said it while shopping in a Primark, ‘Imagine if you could buy this stuff online, I’d spend a fortune!’ – well here you go! You can now buy some Primark items at Amazon and get them delivered the next day if you have Prime (which I totally recommend you fork out for if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper).

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that you could buy Primark items online. A few years back ASOS ran a Primark trial that hung around for a while, but sadly didn’t work.

Fingers crossed it does on Amazon, and more pieces become available.

How to buy Primark products online

There’s not an obvious shop I can find, but this link should take you to the majority of the stuff.

It’s worth sticking in ‘Primark’ into the Amazon search engine and browsing that way.

HOWEVER! The prices online aren’t necessarily the same price as in-store. You’re likely to pay extra for the convenience of shopping online. So be aware of prices when shopping.

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What Primark stuff is available?

There’s not a huge amount of stuff and it’s mostly the accessories – with a ton of Harry Potter and Disney stuff.

The good news is that it’s pretty much all on Prime, so there’s no delivery fee if you have it.

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