How to cut the cost of sending packages by up to 75% off with Shiply

I’m a big eBayer. Don’t get me wrong, I hate selling stuff, but I do buy a lot (shopping is fun), and I always need money so finding myself doing big eBay selling days every few months or so.

What’s annoying is the trek and expense of going to the post office to queue up for ages. I’m also really hesitant to sell anything over a certain size because the post office won’t even take them and it costs a fortune.


There was a  time I was selling Elsa Disney dresses to France and Brazil because Disney wasn’t stocking up those countries but I kid you not, the postage was ridiculous – plus  you’d have to pay extra for tracking because eBay buyers like to pretend they don’t receive the package so you have to refund it. I lost out on a lot of money.

Well, I’ve discovered a new company called Shiply, which connects people who want to send items with people who are travelling in that direction anyway, which means it cuts up to 75% off the standard shipping fee.

How does Shiply work?

It’s really easy. You just choose what sort of item you are planning on sending (like ‘boxes’, ‘furniture’ even pets!). Then upload a photograph of your item to get a cheaper quote (though that’s not necessary).

Your destination can be down the road, the other end of the UK, or even a different country. There are thousands of people in transport travelling everywhere, so they might as well make a few extra quid and take your item too.

You fill in details such as the pick-up point, destination, weight and type of item and then the quotes start coming in within 10 -20 minutes or so, depending on specific you’ve been.

You’ll then get a grid of quotes with the transport provider’s name and how many deliveries they have done. There are ratings too, oh, and whether they are insured. Basically, all the info you need to pick someone.

You then can start a conversation with the transport provider to make sure you’re happy with them, you’re both on the same page and you have all your questions answered.

Once you’re happy with your quote and your answers, click Accept and you’re good to go.


You know what I’m going to be doing? I’m obsessed with the Laura Ashley outlet on eBay. Items are 75% off, but you have to pick up the furniture from Derby, but I have no car and no wish to go all the way to Derby to lug back an armchair on the train. This is the perfect way to get the items to my house and save a load of money. There are a million uses for Shiply.

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