Simbrix review – Toys for Christmas

Where has October gone eh? There’s now a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in – so like most of us, I start to think about Christmas.

I don’t spend a huge amount on presents. I get my boyfriend something (usually around the £100 mark), but won’t be this year as we have just bought a flat so don’t have money to waste – maybe we’ll buy some joint wallpaper or something.

There’s usually something small for my parents (because they don’t ever want anything), and something decent for my sister and her children, Oliver (6) and Rosie (4).


This is my nephew Oliver who decided to make some models before breakfast

What are Simbrix?

I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses. You know me, I love discounts and glitches – but am always happy to spend money on brilliant items – especially when they are made with love. Take a look at the Simbrix story on its website- I really like the business.

Anyway, so Simbrix are little ‘beads’ that connect together bit by bit meaning you can make all sorts of designs – it’s a bit like flat(ish) LEGO.

Simbrix review

Simbrix comes in a little fabric bag – really lovely packaging

What’s good about them is that they are pretty robust, so when put together, they don’t fall apart easily.

For example, my nephew Oliver is a massive Minecraft fan, so the first thing he made was a Minecraft torch which he carried around for ages (in fact, it went to bed with him). It held together pretty well – and if you want to make it a more permanent, just give it an iron and it stays like that.

This video explains better than I do!

My thoughts on Simbrix….

Well I think they are brilliant but I’m not really the target audience. When they arrived I thought the packaging was really sweet and yet sturdy and the ‘beads’ themselves are bright and good quality. You know sometimes when you buy cheap plastic toys in a Poundshop they seem a bit flimsy and rubbish – well these have a real quality feel to them.

You get a decent amount of beads in a pack, but if like my nephew you are obsessed with something in particular like Minecraft, you’ll find yourself needing more green ones than you have – but you can pick up extra in a particular colour for £3.

Simbrix review

The beginning of a Minecraft glow in the dark sword

Oliver who is six loves all sorts of building toys (he’s a LEGO super-fan) and adored Simbrix. He actually said “I want to play with these all day!” and then got us all to make Minecraft models as well as a random Pikachu.

Rosie is four and she struggled a bit to make things by herself. She did enjoy playing with them but needed help to put the beads together – although my sister (with Rosie’s help) made a lovely unicorn.

The beads are recommended for ages 5 – 99.

Simbrix review

How much are they?

You can buy Simbrix in all good toy retailers as well as the Simbrix website.

The best place to get Simbrix in my opinion is Amazon as it has the most variety and if you have Prime, you can get them super quickly.

Kits you can buy at Amazon:

However – delivery seems to be at the £4 unless you have Amazon Prime.

Simbrix review

Have you ever heard of Simbrix? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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