Sun Holidays – Everything you need to know to bag yourself a cheap break

Sun Holidays have been around for a whopping 27 years and money savers LOVE them because it promises a break for just £9.50.

Well… they aren’t quite £9.50 (there are PLENTY of add-ons), but you can bag yourself a seriously cheap holiday for a fraction of the price. In fact, my friend the brilliant Ashleigh Swan from Ashleigh Money Saver has just booked herself a Butlins holiday through Sun Holidays for £180 instead of £474 for her family.

It’s not just UK holidays (which they are famous for), but destinations also include France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia).

Sun Holiday codes for 2017

The plan is, that you go out and buy The Sun paper every day for a week (or ahem… just look below) and collect a holiday code – which people quickly share online.

Bonus Code: SWIM
7th January: SOFT
8th January: ANEW
9th January: BUDS
10th January: CALF
11th January: LAMB
12th January: DEER
13th January: FULL
14th January: FOAL
15th January:K8F6

How to book a Sun Holiday

So now you have the codes, don’t hang around because the best venues go quickly.

Choose your four favourite parks and four date preferences (the school bank holidays are by far the most popular).

Parks seriously vary in quality, so do your research on TripAdvisor so you know what you’re getting – and make sure you find out if there are and service charge costs so you don’t get a shock.

Booking opens Sunday, January 15th for previous bookers and Monday January 16th for new bookers.

Just input the above codes and you’ll find out if your chosen dates are available

You can book either a three-night weekend break or a four-night midweek break from just £9.50 a head.

This sounds a bit too good to be true

Sure, the basic cost is £9.50 for the three or four nights – but there are A LOT of extras which really add up, which means it is very unlikely you’ll every actually get a holiday for £9.50.

You always have to pay for AT LEAST four people, even if less of you are going – which is pretty annoying.

Also, a lot of the parks add a cheeky service charge (for cleaning, gas and electricity) on top which can add up to £60 to the total cost.

Have you been before or are going this year? Let me know! (I’m nosey!) 


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