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I absolutely adore Tiger. It’s so cheap and everything in it just super cool and interesting. If you have never heard of the store, it’s a bit like the accessory part of Ikea, mixed in with habitat – but cheap.

The problem is, it’s not online. However I’ve definitely noticed more and more pop up recently (Tiger store finder). There’s even one in Swansea now, and we’re usually the last place to get new shops!

So last week, I was waiting for friends to go for lunch to Chinatown. Because i’m always early (you’ll hear me complain about lateness A LOT) – so had 20 minutes to spare. There’s a newish one on Oxford Street, so thought I’d wander around and see what they had.

It’s currently packed with gardening and Easter themed things – the perfect antidote to the long winter we’re having (anyone else really over it now?). It was almost enough to give me hope that spring is on its way.

So I’ve picked my favourite things (which I’d have bought if I had a. the money and b. the space):

Lottyearns-pic-offer tiger

Love these basket wires, at £4 each, would make a cool fruit basket.


Tiger offer

Hanging vases for little plants – £3 each (although definitely not practical). I also really want loads of these little bottles at £2 each – you could fill them with bubble bath and feel like you were in a Harry Potter potions class!


Tiger deal

These beauties are £8 each. Think i’ll be going back to get pick these up. Love a bit of neon.


Tiger offer

Going to organise an easter egg hunt? A pack of these are £1. Sure, they aren’t chocolate, but they are reusable.


Tiger offer

A cute idea to do with kids, is to collect some sticks, and hang these decorations (£3 for a pack) off them – like a spring time Christmas tree.


Tiger store

I think these look far more expensive than £8 and are totally adorable.


Tiger offer

If you’re kids love all things ‘space’ and fancy dress, these helmets will go down well.



This is another thing I think i’m going to go back to Tiger to get. It’s £12, and is pretty as well as useful (perfect for my seeds).


Tiger offer

I’ve wanted a big Kilner dispenser for so long, and love this £10 copper one. The thing is, I worry it’s going to hang around and never get used. Anyone have one of these and get a lot of use out of them?


Anyone got anything good from Tiger recently? Let me know in the comments.


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