There’s a new super train tool that has hit the market called and if you ever get the train, you’re going to love it!

A genius friend of mine has spent forever working on it, so I would love it if you gave it a try and let me know what you think/how much money you save with it.

Why is my face always in a stranger’s smelly armpit? (Will get to in a sec! ha!)

There’s pretty much not a day I don’t get on the train (I dream of being able to walk to work!), and as I live in London, and my family are all in Swansea, AND I don’t drive (yet!), I find myself spending a big chunk of my hard earned cash on train tickets.

AND OH MY GOD I hate paying out for the awful journeys. I rarely get a seat, and nine times out of ten I’m learning on a stinky toilet door, with my face in a strangers armpit.

Honestly, the other day I was so packed in I had THREE separate stranger’s bums touching me. Horrific! ha!

How you’ll save money with

I wouldn’t mind if it was cheap you know? But train travel costs an arm and a leg, and those train companies are tricksy!

You’ll possibly pay more depending on if you don’t buy directly in the station, in advance or if the company charges processing fees (grrr…) etc. They have lots of tricks to get you to pay more. It’s confusing on purpose

Split Ticketing

Never heard of it? Well, let’s say you’re going from London to Swansea on the train. A direct ticket might cost £50. BUT, if you were to buy tickets from London to Cardiff, then Cardiff to Swansea – your ticket might cost £32.

You don’t have to get off and change either. Just do what you would do anyway (and maybe spend the money you save on M&S cans of Mojito!

Now – wouldn’t it be good if there was a company/tool that did that for you? WELL GUESS WHAT FOLKS – does! It WILL find you the cheapest ticket and doesn’t charge you irritating booking fees on top.

How does make money?

Ok Lotty, sounds like the dream, but let’s not pretend they’re doing it out of the goodness of their hearts! What’s the catch?

No catch – they make their money by taking 10% of whatever savings they save you. So you’ll always be better off. If they don’t save you anything, they won’t take anything.

Let’s say that they save you £2 on your journey. They’ll take 20p (10%) – so you’ll still be £1.80 better off than you’d be if you didn’t use them.

What else should I know?

Getting your tickets via sounds like a proper no-brainer, right? But there are other good things you should know.

Unlike other tools, you can get return tickets AND first class tickets – and also, they’re not going to try and flog you a load of rubbish insurance and dodgy cashback (ahem, Trainline!).

Again, this isn’t a sponsored ad or anything, just sharing a tool that’s amazing. Please do try it out and spread the word if you like it!


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