What I bought in Orlando Florida – with prices (Incl Yankee, Disney & Victoria Beckham)

I’m back from Orlando, which is a shoppers dream thanks to the outlets and giant shops such as Target and Walmart. I follow a few bloggers and Florida Facebook groups and people buy extra suitcases to bring back because of the huge amount of bargains they buy – but I didn’t go ‘big’ this year as money is tight – although did find a few things I had to pick up.

So as I was unpacking I thought, why not share what I got with you guys – because frankly, who doesn’t like to have a nose?

What I bought

I have a real weakness for everything Kate Spade. I find everything in there good quality, bright and fun. It’s also pricey. However, in the Orlando Premium Outlet I picked up these glittery beauties for $37 dollars (£29) with a 70% off code.

There was a beautiful black bag that was $400 (there was also 70% off too) that I seriously considered, but I just couldn’t justify it.

What I bought

I know its super weird to buy cushions in the USA to bring back to the UK – but I’ve been looking for cushions for my new flat for months now. I like beaded and embroidery ones, and all of the cushions I’ve liked have been around £60+.

So when I visited the Super Target I fell in love with its home section and its incredible cushion section. I could have bought all of them – but thought just these two would do!

The beaded leaf one was $19.99 (£15.60) while the bigger one was $23 (£17.96). I nearly bought a bathroom set (you know, soap holder, toothbrush pot etc), but thought that was a step too far! Ha.

I think Super Target was my favourite shop by a mile – especially its home section. I definitely recommend you visit it if you’re in Orlando and pick up some amazing things that most people in the UK won’t have in their homes.

What I bought

If you think your local Tesco or Asda is big – you ain’t seen anything like the size of these stores. We got to Target at 8am one morning as we had an hour spare. Seriously, one hour in the shop and we touched about 10% of it at that.

Now, I don’t think these shops are crazy cheap (although they have Disney things which are a lot cheaper), but there are lots of awesome things we don’t have here, and the price is very reasonable.

What I bought

While in Target, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Victoria Beckham section. Now, in the UK, Victoria Beckham sells clothing and bags that cost thousands – but in the USA, Victoria sells clothes (including plus size and children) for around $3o.


There wasn’t a lot left – the shop assistant told me that it came in the week before and they sell quickly, but found a bomber (lace effect) jacket for $30 and an amazing 100% cotton bumble bee shirt, for $35.

I heard on Twitter that these items sell for 3x the price on eBay, so thought about stocking up – but decided not to because I was holiday and wanted a break from ‘making money’.

what I bought

Ok, this one is a bit odd – but I had a moment of inspiration when I was in St Augustine (If you’re ever in Florida, you need to go there for the day – will blog about it).

I was in Earthbound Trading Co. which has so many beautiful things – and this giant bell thing caught my eye. I thought it was interesting and would look good in my hallway maybe? I don’t really have a plan, but I just knew I wanted it.

It’s pretty massive and didn’t get the whole thing in the picture, but it did set me back $60 (£46.91) – but felt it was good quality and it would last a long time. What can I say, the heart wants what the heart wants…

What I bought

I told myself I wasn’t going to be bringing back any Yankee candles as I have too many as it is, and I know how to get a bargain. However, when I visited the Yankee Candle outlet in International Drive I didn’t expect there to be so many bargains.

The little fragrance balls were three for $5 (£3.90) – amazing right? And the candles were $5 dollars each (£3.90).

What I bought

So again, in St Augustine I went into a little boutique which sold art and jewellery called Plum and just loved everything in there.

I picked up the ring above and necklace below which were around $20 each (£15.60) (I can’t find my receipt for the exact figure). However, got chatting to the lady in the shop for about 15 minutes who was properly hilarious and she told me I could pick a pair of earrings to match my ring for free for listening to her! Bless – how kind.

What I bought

Ah, the Disney outlet! I adore travelling and have been really lucky to visit a lot of places. I also have a shopping weakness and like to bring back little trinkets from places. This means I have a lot of – to be frank – junk.

I decided a few years ago, I would buy Christmas decorations instead. So once a year when I get a Christmas tree, I can pull out all my decorations which remind me of brilliant holidays – which then go away for the year in January leaving my house clutter free.

I thought the Disney store in Vineland was much better than the one on International Drive and spotted these beauties. Two of my favourite Disney films are Fantasia and Wall:E – so when I spotted these tree decorations, I had to get them.

The Mickey was $4.99 (£3.89), was £19.99 (£15.60) and the Wall:E one was $5.99 (£4.67), was $23 (£17.94).

what I bought

While shopping in Kate Spade, I noticed a cute bumble bee purse for $70. However, when I went into the Forever 21 outlet down the road, I saw this dupe for just $8 (£6.24) so picked it up.

Honestly, don’t really know what I’ll use it for, but it was too pretty to leave behind.

what I bought

Think Snow White’s step mother is obsessed with looking at her face in the mirror? Well, you should meet me.

Picked this up in TJ Maxx (which I’m 90% sure is TK Maxx. Also, is Ross the same too?), took a look at my face and was horrified. If you’ve ever wanted to see how horrible your skin is – magnified to the extreme, this is the mirror for you! ha.

It cost $6 (£4.68).

What I bought

I think I did pretty well with my shopping this year, but know a lot of you buy A LOT more. What have you bought from Orlando?

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