A first look at what will be in store at Aldi Christmas 2019

Ho ho ho money savers! I’ve been going to lots of Christmas shows this year to see what will be in stores before everyone else (I know, I’m lucky!).

But don’t worry, what I like to do is take a million pictures of inside these events, so that I can share with my followers. I usually just stick them in my Facebook group Luxury on a Budget (it’s good, check it out), but thought Aldi deserved it’s own blog post this year, because I am (and I know a lot of you are) obsessed with that Specialbuy aisle!

Aldi Christmas gifts

The first part of the show was the gifting sections. These are the bits and bobs that frankly inspired by big brands (dupes), but cost a fraction of the price.

If you’re interested in specific items, let me know on Twitter ideally, so I can tag in Aldi and get them to answer you properly. If you don’t have Twitter, that’s OK – just ask in the comments or in my Facebook group.

People go nuts for these matching pajamas. Last year I got there first thing on the day they were released and it wasn’t easy finding a pair, in the right sizes for everyone.

A lot of these items will be in-store and online. What you need to realise though, is that some people will be waiting for these items to come into store for weeks – and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So when it comes to Specialbuys, you need to prepare a little bit and get there on the day they come in.

The dressing gowns were SO soft.
THIS is the Christmas jumper I will be buying this year.
I think this will be a massive seller this year. 100%.
Can we be honest though – you’re all going to buy this cat/dog bed fully knowing they won’t use it!
This looked a load better in real life. Was beautiful leather and they said it would be around £70.
Cheap fake Uggs!
I’m going to be buying some of these knockoff Ugg slippers. They’re about £60 for the proper things.
I LOVE copper pans. One day I’m going to splash out and get all matching pans. These ones are so beautiful
These are Oliver Bonas dupes.
Again, more Oliver Bonas dupes. I know this – BECAUSE I BOUGHT THEM!
All these gifting items are under £5
Harry Potter stuff is still going strong!

Aldi make-up dupes

Yes! Here we go. You know I love Aldi make-up. Always incredible quality, and usually copying a far more expensive brand. In fact, check out my Aldi Lacura page, where I fully review the products.

Aldi has introduced a new pressed powder. If you what brand it is inspired by, please do let me know!
These are smaller versions of the eye-shadow pallets I love, and reviewed.
Here’s the new mascara Aldi are introducing. It’s definitely a dupe of something. Urban Decay? If you know, please tell me! I’ll do a proper review then.
The mascara feels properly expensive. Heavy and metallic, rather than plastic.
WHAT A PIC EH? I should have been a professional photographer! Again – who are they copying with this Liquid Illuminator?
The press contact at Aldi told me that these products sell really well, so expanded line. Brand they’re copying anyone?
Cute marble brushes and face rollers. Errrr… what do face rollers do?
Ah – the Aldi beauty calendar. It’s going to be amazing.

Aldi candle and perfume dupes (Jo Malone and Yankee Candle)

I wish I had put my hand or a 50p piece in this picture or something, because it’s hard to tell just how massive these candles are. They’re clearly Jo Malone dupes an I want that gigantic bitter orange one badly.
These Jo Malone inspired perfumes will be very popular.
Yankee candle dupes! I’ve never seen these in Aldi before.
Are these candles a dupe of anything?

Aldi Christmas Children’s Toys

So you can actually ride this unicorn toy thing
I love wooden toys – always think they look so classy and expensive.
Earlier in the year, Aldi had the Harry Potter book collection in store for £20 and people were scrabbling around to get them (I couldn’t find them, personally). They’ll be very popular again running up to Christmas.

Aldi food and drink gifting

Yep, I giant chocolate toy soldier. And yep, I will be buying and not sharing.
Such a cute biscuit tin. It plays music and moves too. I’m pretty sure it was in the under £5 section, so will probably buy. I think it’s a nice box to put Christmas decorations in once you’ve eaten all the biscuits. You know?
Again, I’m rubbish at taking pictures – but the bottle of Prosecco was hilariously big. Buying.
So these hampers are based on fancy ones like Selfridges and are amazing value for money. Bought one last year and will be probably gifting to people again.

Aldi Christmas Food

I heard a little rumour (years ago to be fair), that the Turkeys posh shops like M&S sell are the same ones that Aldi sells, but for less than half the price. Whether or not that’s the case, Aldi is amazing when it comes to meat/fish etc. Always ethically sourced and brilliant quality. It’s impressive really.
Excuse the rubbish picture, but love these Turkey Crowns. If you’re not really a leg eater, cooking up a turkey like this is a million times easier.
Hubba hubba – what a sausage!
Aldi know what they’re doing when it comes to sausage-based finger foods! ha
THESE WERE AMAZING. I feel like a gravy dip would have finished it off perfectly though.
Aldi are doing lots of vegan food this year – and jackfruit is super trendy.
Look at this beautiful thing.

Aldi Christmas Desserts

Here we go – the Christmas desserts! My favourite bit.

This is their showstopper this year. A white chocolate/cinnamon-y giant Christmas bauble, with chocolates. Once you crack it open (see below), it’s filled with all sorts of lovely bits.
Freeze-dried raspberries, pistachios and even though I ate some of this, no clue what the gold bits are.
Now this is it. There’s a thin layer of cake in there, mousse and that deliciousness on top. For me, it’s all about the chocolate, but I wouldn’t turn the other one down to be fair!
Had this last year. A golden toffee pudding!

So that’s it. I genuinely took a picture of pretty much everything that Aldi are doing for Christmas this year, and it’s pretty much all brilliant. I’m not being paid or anything for this – just think it’s a brilliant shop.

Is there anything you like the look of? What will you be buying? Let me know!

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