Clogau Jewellery – Welsh Gold tips, tricks and MASSIVE discounts

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Welsh, but in my family – we’re all a bit of obsessed with Clogau gold jewellery and am building up a bit of a collection.

Clogau jewellery all comes from one Welsh gold mine, so there isn’t an infinite amount. This makes it rare, therefore expensive – and importantly a potential investment.

But do you think I’m paying full price though? Oh no no no, there are ways and means to get a decent discount on all things Clogau gold.

Oh, right now – if you spend £229 on Clogau, you get a £119 necklace free. Here’s all the information you need on that offer.

What is Clogau Gold?

Clogau gold is simply, pure Welsh gold. It comes from a mine in the Snowdonia mountains.

Welsh gold

Originally, the Welsh mine owner only made high-quality jewellery and sold it in small shops in Snowdonia National Park. It’s now expanded, and even recently, I saw a store open in London’s fancy shopping centres.

It’s not just a Wales based obsession!

Is Welsh gold more valuable?

The gold is running out, which makes the Welsh gold rare and valuable.

What makes it extra special, and famous is that it’s the gold the Royal Family use for their wedding rings.

Clogau Welsh gold is the most sought after in the world. The kind of jewellery you pass down through generations.

Is Clogau gold jewellery an investment?

As a general rule, rare things go up in value – but with ANY investment, there are no guarantees. Welsh gold is only worth what people are willing to pay.

If I were you, I’d buy it if you love it – and if it makes money (and it typically does), that’s a brilliant extra.

There are people who are out there who buy gold as an investment (I nearly bought a gold bar last year in Vegas – but when I found out what £1000 in gold bar looks like, I didn’t bother when I saw it was a size of a skinny credit card!) – there are probably more sensible ways to invest your extra money!

Where to buy cheap Clogau Gold Jewellery?

I’ve got Clogau Jewellery (The Tree of Life Bangle) that has come straight from the website, which is all well and good – but if you *can* find a discount, it’s a big win.

And guess what – I’ve got you covered!

How to tell if Clogau Jewellery is real

Before you start looking for a discount, check out the official Clogau jewellery stockists so you don’t get ripped off.

Clogau gold jewellery is guaranteed to contain rare Welsh gold, and always carry a unique Welsh Dragon and *CG* mark stamp.

Where to buy discounted Clogau Gold Jewellery

Sure, you can go to the fancy Clogau Cardiff store in St. David’s to buy your Welsh gold, but unless there’s a sale, you can probably buy your Clogau at a cheaper price.

I’ve spent HOURS looking for bargain Clogau Welsh gold over the years – and I like to think I know what I’m talking about. Here are my tips.

Clogau Sales

The first place to look if you want a discount on Clogau welsh gold jewellery is the Clogau site during the sales.

They happen a few times a year, but there’s always a clearance outlet section, where items are around 30% off, which I talk about fully later.

I say it’s a good place to start because, in my opinion, there are better places to find a Clogau bargain, but it’s a good place to find a number and then compare prices based on that.

QVC Clogau

QVC is a great place to buy discounted Clogau jewellery because it has their own sales and discounts which are different from Clogau’s main one.

It has the ‘Offer of the Day‘ which often includes Clogau. If you shop online and are new to QVC, you can get £5 off your first order with the code FIVE4U.

This was on the site at time of writing to show you what kind of discounts you can find on Clogau at QVC.

Another place to keep an eye out on the QVC site is the clearance section.

What’s also useful is that QVC has interest free easy payments on more expensive items if you wanted to take longer to pay off the jewellery.

eBay Clogau

eBay is where is the best place to find Clogau jewellery. You have standard second hand and vintage welsh gold – but also Clogau seconds at a massive discount.

In fact, that’s where I bought my mum’s birthday present – the poppy necklace at a fraction of the price it was at on the main site.

It was a brand new necklace and was reduced to £250 (it was £600 on the site) because there was a tiny kink in the necklace – but I’ve done everything I could find it, but just can’t see it, which means these defects are tiny – and at the end of the day, it’s the Welsh gold which is the valuable bit.

So the Clogay eBay shop I buy from – which is an official stockist – and has the best discounts of everywhere is Official Clogau. They are the only official sellers of Clogau welsh gold jewellery on eBay.

HOWEVER, if you buy from Official Clogau, although it’s an official stockist – because it sells seconds, you won’t be covered under the two-year Clogau warranty.

Clogau Amazon

It’s always worth checking Amazon for its Clogau deals, because now and then you’ll find stonkingly good discounts, especially around Black Friday – but they’re there all year if you’re willing to look.

It’s also good if you’re a Jobspotter fan and get Amazon vouchers for taking pictures of job adverts. Free welsh gold! What’s not to love?

Currently on Amazon, there’s a ring that’s £39.99 down from £119.99 – you just have to scour the site to find the massive discounts!

Clogau Outlet

The online Clogau Outlet is not bad for bagging a discount on Welsh gold, but I’ve rarely seen any incredible deals there.

It’s fine. If what you want to buy is in there, at a cheaper price – it makes sense, but I’ve never been compelled by the price of something to actually do it.

Boutiques – Clogau Bridgend etc

Of course, Clogau has it’s real-life outlets, like my local, the Clogau Bridgend in the McArthur Glen shopping mall.

Every time I go shopping there, I get excited about the Clogat outlet, but am always not impressed. Never came close to buying anything personally.

They do have their ‘buys of the month’ where a product is reduced to about 50% off nationwide – but as you can see above, there are better deals to be had if you are smart about it.

Second hand and vintage Clogau Jewellery

Probably the best place to get discounted Clogau Welsh gold jewellery is if you go second-hand or if you want to be fancy, vintage. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, these pre-loved Clogau jewellery items will cost less than if you bought them brand new because that’s how the world works.

Discontinued Clogau

There’s also more variety of items. Sure, you can probably find newer products second hand, but there are beautiful bits in old jewellery shops that go back years. Clogau Jewellery isn’t made to be fashionable – you’re supposed to hand it down, so it’s timeless.

There’s more welsh gold

Have you noticed that as the years go on, and the Welsh gold mine dries up, Clogau is pushing more and more silver products, with maybe only a little bit of Welsh gold in them?

Clogau gold daffodil earring

Vintage Clogau jewellery has much more gold than the newer stuff. Take the Clogau daffodil earrings I got for my birthday.

My mum paid less for them in a second-hand jewellery shop than the brand new ones online now – but they’re almost double the size – so double the welsh gold.

However, I do think your success rate massively depends on where you live. You may or may not know what my family live in Swansea, so when I wander around the second-hand jewellery shops there (or Cardiff), there is a load of vintage stuff on sale.

The same goes for on Gumtree and Facebook selling groups too. It’s worth joining my Facebook group Luxury on a Budget as I post any deals I find in there.

However, I live in London and have never seen a piece of Clogau Jewellery. In fact, I work in the ‘diamond district’ where all the second-hand jewellery is, and haven’t come across it.

Clogau gold sale Argos

I’ve put this in because I know lots of people think they can buy Clogau on Argos, but you can’t anymore.

If you put ‘Clogau’ into Argos, you’ll be shown Welsh gold style wedding and engagement rings, but don’t be fooled, they aren’t the real thing.

You know what, if you want a cheap Clogau ring imitation, they’re – but there is no Welsh gold in them.

Clogau Rings

Thanks to the Royal family, when you think of Clogau, you think of Welsh gold rings. Whether you’re looking for a Clogau gold engagement ring, a simple band or a full out welsh gold celebration ring- here’s a bit of info on types of Clogau ring you can get.

Clogau Tree of Life ring

The Tree of Life series is the most famous one, with prices depending on the type and amount of gold used.

It’s the Celtic-style one with interwoven. It’s stunning.

Clogau gold Tree of Life jewellery

Clogau men’s rings

Clogau doesn’t just cater to women and has a collection of men’s gold jewellery on the website. From signet rings, lapel pins, tie clips, bracelets etc.

There are a lot of them around the £100 price-point, which are mostly silver, but with gold decoration, such as the Welsh Dragon or the Clogau Tree of Life motif.

Clogau men's signet ring

Welsh gold wedding band

The big sellers at Clogau are the welsh gold wedding bands that are available for men and women – after all, if it’s good enough for the Queen!

You can get a white, rose or yellow welsh gold band – at different thicknesses. Prices start from £230 for thin 2mm bands.

Clogau diamond rings

A lot of Clogau will contain small diamonds, but if you want a big diamond for an engagement ring, there are six options to choose from.

Clogau diamond engagement ring

Sets cost around £3-5k. If it were me, I’d leave the diamonds to the diamond specialists and just get the wedding band from Clogau.

It’s not that the rings aren’t nice – I just don’t think Clogau specialises in the area.

Clogau butterfly ring

People are obsessed with the Clogau butterfly ring, but unfortunately, it was discontinued a while back.

Don’t forget, you’ll be able to find them in second-hand shops and eBay – so you can still get your hands on it if you keep your eye out.

Clogau butterfly ring

Clogau bracelet

The Tree of Life bangle was a present for my 30th birthday from my mum and dad and probably my most prized possession.

You know when you treasure something so much, you panic every now and then when you can’t remember where you put it (even though you always put it in a safe place)? I have that feeling with this ring about every three months!

Clogau gold Tree of Life Bangle

Clogau has bracelets and bangles in various styles and welsh golds (for babies too). They start from the £200 price point and can hit over £7,000 if you want one covered in diamonds.

Another big seller, thanks to the popularity of Pandora, are Clogau charms. You can buy the bracelet for them, and then buy the welsh gold charms for special occasions to build it up.

Prices start from about £50 (and they’ll be heavily silver with hints of welsh gold) and can reach around the £200 price point if you want it to all be Clogau Welsh gold.

Clogau Necklace

Clogau has stunning Welsh Gold necklaces, with the most popular style being the Clogau Tree of Life necklace.

You can go traditional (the Tree of Life series), or go for temporary styles like the poppy one with black diamonds and rubies (which I got for my mum’s 70th!

Prices start from £89 and reach a whopping £11,000! Ouch!

Clogau Earrings

There are a ton of different welsh gold earrings available, but nothing is as iconic as the Clogau gold daffodil earrings.

I got a pair for my 33rd birthday off my parents – we got them in a second-hand jewellery shop (written more about that above) and they’re ideal to invest in because Clogay welsh gold is so rare.

Earrings start from around £55 on the main website and top out at £5,000 which are full of diamonds.

Clogau Welsh Gold daffodil earrings

Clogau Perfume

I thought I’d add a little section about this as unbelievably, Clogau has moved on from just welsh gold and jewellery – but to perfume too.

Ahem, do you reckon it has anything to do with that welsh mine running out of gold?

Clogau perfume

You can buy Clogau perfume called ‘Clogau Compose’ on the main website at £35 for 50ml, and it has really good reviews.

Clogau Warranty

You have the usual rights when returning broken things when buying items, but Clogau also has a free extended warranty scheme.

After you’ve purchased your Clogau jewellery item, you can register for a two-year warranty on the website.

You will have had to have bought the item directly through Clogau or through an official stockist (not eBay), within 30 days of the purchase.

It doesn’t cover you against accidental damage but does cover you against any manufacturing error.

If you’re spending thousands of pounds on jewellery (well anything really), if possible pay on a credit card.

That way, you have Section 75 cover, which means that the credit card company owes you protection if something goes wrong and Clogau (or whoever you shopped with), isn’t paying up.

Jewellery Insurance

Clogau Welsh gold jewellery is very expensive, so you will want to make sure you are insured properly if it were to break (your fault, because the Clogau warranty covers manufacturer issue).

There are two ways to go about this. You can individually insure the item, or you can up the cover of your home insurance to make sure that the contents are covered – including the cost of your jewellery (just give your insurer a call and see what they say).

If you decide to individually insure (and it’s worth taking a look at the price), check out a comparison site such as GoCompare or MoneySuperMarket.

Big, specialist jewellery insurance sites include Assetsure and Hiscox.

Are you a Clogau jewellery and/or Welsh gold fan? What pieces do you have? Let me know!

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