Letterbox gifts ‘The Alice Box’ review (& exclusive discount code)

I love getting things in the post (well… things that aren’t bills). Most correspondence is online now, so don’t get much through the door – so when Letterbox Gifts asked me if I wanted to try its Alice Gift Box I jumped at the chance, because if there’s something I love even more than getting things in the post, it’s little fancy goodies. Seriously – beautiful creams, soaps, little notebooks are my weakness. And the Alice Gift Box has it all, and it’s SO good.

Who are Letterbox Gifts?

Letterbox Gifts deliver little boxes through your letterbox (bit obvious really) which are all packed with lovely goodies carefully sourced from independent British producers. They are all beautiful and quality gifts from ethical companies who really care about the products they make and how they make them.

There are currently eight boxes including the ‘Mum to Be’, Father’s Day, Gardener’s, Gentleman’s, Tea gift set, The Alice Box, The Signature Box and the Sophia Box.

Every Letterbox Gift is hand wrapped in tissue and natural wood wool, then packed beautifully (and personalised) in a box. All the gift sets are personalised with with a greeting card designed by Sarah Burns (who isn’t related to me!).


Letterbox gifts

The Alice Box

I received The Alice box and couldn’t wait to open it. It felt incredibly luxurious. The box is currently £24.95 with free delivery, but with my code LOTTYEARNS15, you’ll get 15% off all the boxes, taking the price down to £21.20, for five lovely items.

Inside the box you get:

The Sheffield Skincare Company – Orange & Chamomile Natural Body Balm.

All Natural Soap Co. – Handmade Castille Olive Oil Soap.

Nathalie Bond Organics – Rose Geranium Lip Salve.

Charlotte Macey – Cow Parsley Notebook.

Fudge Kitchen – Handmade Clotted Cream Fudge.

Letterbox gifts

Cow Parsley Notebook

The Cow Parsley notebook comes from Charlotte Macey, who makes the most wonderful prints inspired by the countryside (it’s very yummy mummy). Charlotte and her small team work from a studio in the Cotswolds, hand making beautiful and practical items with a simple Scandi style.

The book in The Alice Box, is a dove grey, cow parsley mini notebook (which costs £2.80 on the Charlotte Macey site), is an A6 notebook made from 100% recycled paper, with 300gsm cover and 36 plain pages. I’m thinking this is going to become my new ‘ideas book’. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get my best ones at bed time, so will keep this on my bedside cabinet to store all my million pound ideas! hah!

Letterbox gifts

Dooley Scrumptious

I loved this body butter from The Sheffield Skincare Company. It’s not thick and goopy like a lot of body butters, it melts into the skin beautifully and smells citrusy – it’s such a summery scent. It’s a whipped body butter packed with Shea butter, Coconut & Sweet almond oil, and it scented with Chamomile and cold pressed Orange peel oil to freshen and moisturise dry skin (this is making me want to eat it! ha!).

The full priced tub is £10 for 200ml, but you get a 60ml sample in the box.

Letterbox gifts


Letterbox gifts


Letterbox gifts


Rose Geranium Lip Salve

I adore this lip salve from Nathalie Bond Organics. It takes me back to holidays in Turkey where the markets smell of rose turkish delight. It’s really lovely. Each pot is handmade in small batches and contains 100% pure botanical ingredients. A full sized 15ml pot from the Nathalie Bond Organics site will set you back £6.

letterbox gifts


Letterbox gifts

Handmade Castille Olive Oil Soap

I have super sensitive skin, so try to stay away from soap usually as it really dries out my skin. Because this was from the All Natural Soap Co, I tried it out and it didn’t at all – maybe it is the chemicals that do it? This is a proper bar of soap – and an award winner too (Freefrom skincare awards 2015). It’s pure olive oil soap – extra gentle, low-foaming (which I think is always a good sign – when I see foam, I see nasty chemicals) which means you can use it on your face and body. It’s 100% olive oil. For a full size bar from the All Natural Soap Co, it would set you back £3.75 for 115g.

Letterbox gifts


Letterbox gifts

Handmade Clotted Cream Fudge

And onto my favourite, handmade clotted cream fudge from Fudge Kitchen, because well… I can eat it. I intended to take a photograph of the fudge fully intact, but took a bite before I could get a snap. If you can resist fudge, you’re a stronger person than me!

The Fudge Kitchen have been around for over 30 years using traditional methods to make its fudge. It’s made with fresh whipping cream and is produced in small, hand decorated batches. And it’s bloody lovely! I wish I had a bigger bar!

Letterbox gifts


Letterbox gifts

What I think

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about where the items come from, and just want a really cheap deal, this box isn’t for you – frankly, you can go into Poundland and pick up some lip balm. However, I’m a big fan of supporting small, UK crafty businesses which means you have to pay a bit more to get the quality (which I’m happy to do). Getting a Letterbox gift means you get to sample lots of luxurious and lovely items you may not have heard have before. Plus, if you’re going direct to the companies, you’ll have to pay shipping for each thing – whereas here, it’s free! However, I really do recommend you visit the individual companies to see where the items come from, you can tell just how special and made with love they are.

The Alice gift box is a really lovely gift (guys, you can’t go wrong if you’re buying for a lady in your life), and yeah, honestly – think it’s worth the money (but again, I know it’s not cheap!). I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and you’re supporting small British companies. It’s a double win!



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